Sunnyside Ford Inventory Guide

Ford manufactures many vehicles in different body styles. Some automobiles are large and hefty, and others are sleek and slim. This inventory guide breaks down all the available styles in Ford's current vehicle lineup.

Ford F-150

The F-150 is a rugged lightweight pickup truck. It has solutions for towing and a tough frame that can withstand rough environmental hazards. You can buy a new Ford F-150 in one of the following cab styles:

  • Traditional
  • Extended
  • Crew


The Explorer performs well in various environments because it has an efficient hardware that optimizes speed, torque, and handling on different terrains.

Ford Ranger

A Ford Ranger is a powerful mid-size pickup truck. It's commonly used during commercial projects since it's built Ford Tough. You can buy a Ford Ranger truck as a:

  • SuperCab
  • SuperCrew

Ford Escape

In a Ford Escape, you'll conquer the open road and paths along off-road trails. This Ford vehicle is easy to drive in both environments because it has great safety systems and convenient comfort options in its cabin. Ford only manufactures this automobile as a four-door SUV.

Ford Fusion

A Ford Fusion is a fully equipped sedan. You'll find smart technologies in its cabin and powerful hardware under its hood.

Ford EcoSport

An EcoSport is an SUV crossover. This SUV is easy to operate on different types of terrain because it has an intelligent 4WD system.

Transit Connect Commercial

The Transit Connect is a commercial passenger wagon. There is a practical layout in the cabin, and the main seating arrangement is flexible. When needed, you can conveniently maximize space in the cabin by folding down the seats in the second or third row.

Transit Commercial

A Transit Commercial is a cargo van for a delivery driver. The cabin is well-designed, so anyone who operates it during delivery routes has options. If you add these vans to your fleet, each driver will work smarter while saving fuel along the way.

Ford Edge

In the full-size SUV category, there is the Ford Edge. This SUV is also built for adventures as it has a high towing capacity and a solid engine with a great fuel economy.

Ford F-350

You can tackle commercial jobs like a pro while operating a F-350 by using its systems that manage stability and traction. For safety, this vehicle has multiple safety systems and six air bags. This powerful pickup truck and the F-150 have the same cab styles.

Ford F-250

The F-250 lineup gives commercial workers options as they can pick a truck based on engine power. There are three engines available for the F-250, and each one generates solid horsepower and plenty of torque. The F-250, F-150, and F-350 have matching cab styles.

Ford Expedition

If you need an elegant SUV, an Expedition has features that will suit your sense of style. In this vehicle, everything is very sophisticated, and all grille and spoilers compliment the cabin's luxurious design.

Ford Flex

A Ford Flex is a popular SUV because it has something for everyone. Its convenient entertainment tools and cargo solutions help families during vacations, and the suite of innovative technologies provide benefits during daily business commutes.

Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is a fast sports car. Every available style has a legendary design. Ford offers this car as a:

  • Convertible
  • Hatchback
  • Coupe

At Sunnyside Ford, you can learn more about each of these amazing Ford vehicles. You could also take your favorite automobile out for a short drive test. We serve Ford fans in Holden, MA the latest in Ford trucks, SUVs, and sedans. Contact us today to learn more about our new inventory of Ford vehicles.