New Ford Trucks for Sale in Holden, MA

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Ford is legendary for its production of tough, dependable trucks. Decades ago, the F-100 series became one of the most popular in America. Recently, the F-150 and other trucks have become the face of Ford's Built Tough Truck campaign. Ford trucks may double as work vehicles plus a family truck too. Take a look at some of the outstanding new Ford trucks for sale here in Holden, MA today.

The Ford F-150

The most recognizable of the Ford family of trucks, the Ford F-150 is a half-ton truck that can be as utilitarian or as luxurious as you'd like! The F-150 offers a number of cab and bed length configurations. The F-150 is offered as either a regular cab (Standard), the Super Cab (an extended cab version), or the Super Crew cab (a double cab with four doors). The bed of the F-150 can be either the regular (Standard) length, the short bed length of 6.5 feet, or the long bed of 8 feet in length.

The F-150 is available in the following trim packages:

  • Ford F-150 XL
  • Ford F-150 XLT
  • Ford F-150 Lariat
  • Ford F-150 King Ranch
  • Ford F-150 Platinum
  • Ford F-150 Limited

All new Ford trucks are standard equipped with the Ford Co-Pilot360® safety system, which utilizes technology to provide the safest driving experience possible. Lane-keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring, and pre-collision alerts are just a few of the standard features of the Ford Co-Pilot360®.

The Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is a mid-size truck that has been another popular option for truck owners who want the capability of a truck with great fuel economy. Today's Ranger is also one that is made for off-road adventures as well. The Ranger is available in several trim packages:

  • Ford Ranger XL
  • Ford Ranger XLT
  • Ford Ranger Lariat

Additional optional packages can make the Ranger more "sporty" in appearance, and the FX2 and FX4 add-on packages are available to make the Ranger even more off-road ready.

The Ford Transit Commercial

The Ford Transit Commercial Van is definitely a work van, but the bottom line involves driver comfort and increased productivity. The Ford Transit Commercial Van is available in four configurations:

  • Ford Transit Cargo
  • Ford Transit Crew
  • Ford Transit Passenger Van XL
  • Ford Transit Passenger Van XLT

The Passenger Van configurations can accommodate up to fifteen passengers, and all vans are available with low, medium, and high-roof versions.

The Ford Transit Connect Commercial

The Ford Transit Connect Commercial Van offers up to 145.8 cubic feet of cargo room, but the Passenger configuration of this van is built Ford Tough to provide both service and comfort. This cargo van is easily one of the most popular models in our Ford commercial vehicle in our inventory here in Holden, MA.

This commercial van is available in the following trim packages:

  • Ford Transit Connect XL Cargo Van
  • Ford Transit Connect XLT Cargo Van
  • Ford Transit Connect XL Passenger Wagon
  • Ford Transit Connect XLT Passenger Wagon
  • Ford Transit Connect Titanium Passenger Wagon

The Passenger Wagon variation will seat up to seven, and the front passenger seat folds down for extra cargo room if necessary.

The Ford Super Duty Trucks

The Ford F-250 and the Ford F-350 are often called by a "nickname," the Super Duty. Both are considered utility vehicles that can haul and tow more cargo than the F-150, but they are no longer just work trucks. Both the F-250 and the F-350 can be configured to possess as many amenities as you'd like.

The Ford F-250 is a three-quarter ton truck that is available in the extended cab and double cab configuration; only the long bed and the standard bed lengths are available on the F-250. You can customize the F-250 to be a four-wheel drive to increase the payload of the truck.

The Ford F-350 is a one-ton truck that can be similarly outfitted. Both the Super Duty trucks can be ordered with the basic features (the XL trim) or they can be outfitted with as many amenities as you'd ever want such as a sunroof, leather trim, and power doors and windows.

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