Ford Hybrid and Electric Vehicles for Sale in Holden, near Worcester, Shrewsbury, and Leominster

Gasoline has taken cars a long way, but the efficiency limitations and environmental impact of internal combustion engines have spurred the search for a more sustainable solution. Today, electric vehicles, having once occupied a minuscule corner of the industry, are more popular than ever. With technologies and adoption advancing by the year, battery-powered benefits have begun to blossom. And Ford is embracing the gradual shift to a greener future, developing a diverse and expanding lineup of hybrids and EVs that offer increased efficiency, decreased operating costs, and lower emissions.

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Ford Hybrids

Ford hybrid vehicle equips an electric motor to assist the engine during high-load situations like ignition and stop-starting. Hybrid batteries are charged by the engine and regenerative braking (capturing the energy typically lost during deceleration). They can even allow some models to operate in electric-only mode at low speeds, reducing fuel consumption and smoothing performance. Ford hybrid models include:

  • Ford Escape(available on SE and SEL; standard on Titanium)
  • Ford Explorer(available on Limited and Platinum)
  • Ford F-150 PowerBoost(available for all trim levels)
  • Ford Maverick (standard)

Ford Plug-in Hybrids

With a larger electric motor and greater battery capacity, Ford PHEV models offer the best of both worlds, capable of operating on gasoline, electric power, or both. Plug-in hybrids operate similarly to standard hybrids but usually need to be charged from an external power source for optimal efficiency and performance. The Ford Escape PHEV's 14.4-kWh battery pack gives the crossover an EPA-estimated 37 miles of electric-only driving. And thanks to its practical charging times (10-11 hours using a standard 120V household-style outlet, and less than 3.5 hours with Level 2 (240-volt) equipment), it's possible to go days or even weeks without using any gas.

Ford Electric Models

By eliminating gasoline from the equation, fully electric models offer lower ownership costs and a smaller environmental impact. Electricity is cheaper per mile than gasoline, and EVs are far more efficient in converting their energy source to power at the wheels. Plus, EVs can save lots of time and money on maintenance since sealed electric motors don't require many standard services items like oil changes or belt replacements.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is available with a standard (estimated 230 miles) or extended-range battery pack (estimated 300 miles). Rear-wheel-drive models produce near-instantaneous 317 pound-feet of torque and between 266 to 290 horsepower, depending on the configuration. AWD models increase torque to 428 lb-ft, with horsepower ratings between 266 and 346.

Arriving Spring 2022, the Ford F-150 Lightning is powered by a pair of electric motors and your choice of standard (230 miles) or extended-range (300 miles) battery packs. The F-150 Lightning produces between 426 and 563 horsepower and 775 pound-feet of torque, with towing and hauling ratings up to 10,000 and 2,000 pounds, respectively.

Shop Ford Hybrid or EV near Rutland and West Boylston, MA

If you'd like more information about the latest Ford hybrids and EVs, available incentives and offers, or the electric vehicle ownership experience, please feel free to reach out to Sunnyside Ford at your convenience. And if you'd like a closer look, we welcome you to visit our Ford dealership in Holden. We'd love to give you a tour.