See How the Ford Ranger Compares to the Nissan Frontier in Holden, MA

The new Ford Ranger has risen in popularity here at Sunnyside Ford as one of our most sought after midsize pickup trucks. If you are looking for a robust and off-road-ready truck than a Ford Ranger is an excellent option. But if you've been on the hunt for a new truck, then we're sure you've explored other options such as the Nissan Frontier. To assist you in deciding between the two here are a few key differences between the two.

What Sets These Two Trucks Apart?

While both of these trucks provide you with a great combination of power and efficiency, they are not created equal.

You'll love the Ford Ranger's all-new design features that command dominance down the road.

The Nissan Frontier while bold in its own way doesn't harness the same commanding presence that you get with a new Ford Ranger.

The Ford Ranger offers you more ground clearance than the Frontier, which means you'll have an easier time conquering steep grades and protruding objects. The Ford Ranger also offers the rugged and highly-capable Ranger FX4 Off-Road Package that equips you with more capability features than the Nissan Frontier.

Additionally the Ford Ranger has more overall cargo room in the bed so you can load up more toys, tools or anything else with ease.

Taking a step inside these trucks' cabins we think you'll be more impressed with the Ford Ranger. The Frontier features a more simplistic and dated interior that lacks a modern facelift.

The Ford Ranger comes with newer features and stylings as well as standard 4G LTE Wi-Fi and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You'll also enjoy more standard safety features such as standard automatic emergency braking and blind spot warning, as well as adaptive cruise control.

To see the Ford Ranger up close and personal visit Sunnyside Ford in Holden, MA and we'll show you everything it has to offer.