Why choose the new Ford Explorer over the Acura MDX?

Here at our Holden, MA new Ford dealership, we always keep a close watch on our competitors. And while Ford is a brand that we think every American can enjoy and relate to, we'd confidently assert that our newest Ford models can easily go toe-to-toe with luxury competitors. And to prove it, we've pitted our new Ford Explorer against the new Acura MDX to show you how these two SUVs stack up to eachother.

Ford Explorer vs. Acura MDX

  • The Ford Explorer offers more standard horsepower! Looking for a midsize SUV that feels sporty right out of the gate? While the new Acura MDX certainly has a confident ride quality with up to 290 horsepower standard, the new Ford Explorer brings a bit more to the table with 300 horsepower standard.
  • The Ford Explorer has more off-road capability! While both the new Ford Explorer and Acura MDX are comfortable on paved roads, the new Ford Explorer has a bit of an advantage in off-road driving thanks in large part to its Terrain Management System.
  • The Ford Explorer can tow larger payloads! Even though the new Acura MDX holds its own with up to 5,000 pounds of towing capacity, the new Ford Explorer does it one better with up to 5,600 pounds of towing capacity.

Looking to learn more about the advantages to owning a new Ford Explorer?

Then you owe it to yourself to pay us a visit here at Sunnyside Ford in Holden, MA. Drop by our showroom and we'll be glad to walk you through all the strengths and capabilities of the new Ford Explorer and let you take one for a test drive.