Interested in a new Ford? You've come to the right place! At Sunnyside Ford, we are happy to offer the newest Ford models available to suit your needs, preferences, and new car desires. Whether you're looking for a new Ford sedan, truck, or SUV, Sunnyside Ford has just what you're looking for.

With the hottest models available including the classic Ford Mustang, the Ford Explorer, Ford F-150, and the Ford Fiesta, we've got the variety you're looking for to help you make the best decision for your lifestyle in Holden, MA.

Why Buy a New Ford?

Purchasing a new vehicle can be both a frightening and exciting decision. Sure, you are exhilarated to be getting a brand new vehicle, but with the investment you are about to make in the vehicle, you want to ensure that it'll last. We get it!

At Sunnyside Ford, we are adamant about helping you make informed decisions before making vehicle purchases. Here are two reasons that purchasing a new Ford might be of benefit to you:

Great For Long-Term Ownership

Besides looking great, buying the latest in Ford vehicles will enable you to keep the car you purchase for the long term. Because the vehicle has never been previously owned, you can look forward to caring for your car in such a way that it will last you for years!

You've Got Options

When buying new, you have the option of adding features and customizations to suit the vehicle to your liking. Before doing so, however, always know what it is you want before shopping and then check to ensure that the standard model doesn't already have these options. Features that involve safety and entertainment often come standard, so be sure to ask questions before making your decisions.

All in all, purchasing a new Ford vehicle can be a fun experience and can give you the opportunity to snag a great vehicle, customize it the way you want and keep it for a very long time.

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